Patagonia Trail

Nov to end of Feb
Patagonia, Argentina
6 nights, 6 days in Patagonia with further days suggested as stopover at the farm in provincial Buenos Aires before or after a trip
Competent and confident in the saddle in mountain environment.
Join a group or book out a date privately with minimum of 6 riders
U$700 per person per day

‘The Patagonia Trail’ is nestled deep in the middle of Patagonia. This particular area where we ride is a hidden gem, in pristine wilderness. Hat off to Jakob, this is such a good safari. Doesn’t really get much better than this. A super combination of staying in a very comfy base camp in great little log cab cabins combined with fine African safari tents, super attention to detail on the sheets textiles and so on. Bagual ponchos and garb on sale! Log fires in the cabins, bathrooms with hot water, verandahs on which to relax and take in the stunning views and desks to write up your journals or read your book. Set on the banks of the river. It is a forested valley known as Fila Hua Hum (in the Mapuche Indian tongue). A good days ride from here into the mountains lie 2 perfect little camps and 2 days away lies another base camp which one either starts at or ends at depending on the week you travel – which is different but has another completely unique charm of its own. So very cleverly there is a lovely mix and balance of experiences.

It is of course an authentic experience with a mix of good round the fire, camping high up in the mountains. Good quality, good everything – horses, kit, ponchos, wine and food – and most importantly good gang looking after you in Charlie, Felipe, Federico, Cristobal, Balky, Rosa and Gabriela.

A super job has been done at all the camps – great attention to detail. Charming characteristics that only come with experience and genuine passion for horseback journeys, of which we are genuinely very experienced. Base camp lies at 947m. Fly camps at just under the tree line at 1670m. Highest trail runs up to approximately 1900m. 

Building a lovely quincho (dining cabin) at the principal camp and renovating an old wooden quincho structure at another demonstrates extraordinary good innovation in giving clients a real taste of fabulous living in a Patagonian environment. All makes for a lovely atmosphere. Food is important to us. You will experience quality dining at the principal home base with a mixture of dishes, which centre around great local produce – vegetables from the garden, trout from the lakes and rivers and meat from the farm. Vegetarian options included. On the camping nights pack lunches, suppers and breakfasts will be simple but wholesome. Of course the will be a traditional argentine barbecue prepared on at least one of the days as well.

We are passionate about horses – so the breed herd has quality horses, well trained for your enjoyment. This passion for the horse also extends to giving special attention to using wonderful tack, saddle blankets, saddlebags and ponchos. It is important to Bagual and Jakob that we support the artisan traditions of Patagonia. We believe in supporting this artisan tradition and in the Mapuche region of Patagonia the attire for both the horse and rider are second to none in both practicality and aesthetics. Hence we also have some bagual ponchos and bombacha trousers on sale for you to take away.

Organize your flight Buenos Aires (Bs. As.) international airport, hotel and transport to domestic airport independently. Alternatively Bagual city tour transfers you to excellent unique boutique hotel in Palermo Soho where staff are extraordinarily helpful.
City Tour
At same daily rate of ‘The Trail’ enjoy and acclimatize withan authentic insight into the culture of Bs As eating out at interesting and excellent restaurants away from the norm, visiting specific places such as equine artisan shops, equine tailors and markets – much of which is unique to our discoveries over the years.
Day 01
Internal flight to Patagonia (either San Martin de Los Andes or Bariloche). (This element is client’s responsibility if not utilizing Bagual organization in Buenos Aires). Meet the guides and drive 2 hours into mountains and lakes of this region. Board boat for lake crossing. 2 hours.1 hour ride into camp. Drinks on the verandah of the dining cabin (Quincho) next to the river. Freshen up, have a swim before supper.
Day 02
Cabins are a unique mixture of local wood and African canvas and have wood burning stoves, bathroom, and verandah. Exploratory morning and afternoon. Opportunities to swim the horses at camp and on the ride. Delicious food and quality local produce such as trout, lamp and vegetarian cuisine. Boutique wines.
Day 03
8-hour ride. We travel self sufficient for 2 days one night. Pack lunch and rest stop, for lunch, en route. Overnight in beautiful fly camp just below the tree line. Meals served around the fire. Sleeping in tents.
Day 04
Today is a shorter ride, essentially descending the mountain to the river below – meeting a surprise picnic. Beautiful spot to swim the horses. Overnight basecamp.
Day 05
Morning and afternoon rides will be guided in valley – this might include rounding up the herd of horses, training of a young horse, or any number of estancia activities.
Day 06
It is another big riding day with wonderful mountain scenery. We descend into a beautiful forested overnight camp. Meals served around the fire. Sleeping in tents. Good chance of seeing condors.
Day 07
5 hour ride. We descend down a beautiful river valley down toward Lago Truful. Felipe, our gaucho guide as left early morning at first light to meet his wife and have a traditional ‘asado’ lunch awaiting are arrival. This camp is an authentic old estancia home. Sleep in African canvas tents surrounding an old renovated Quincho barn. Unique experience. Swimming opportunities.
Day 08
We do a short morning ride along the lake followed by an early lunch. Then back to the lake in the afternoon to meet a boat, which will take everyone across the valley to meet your transport to the airport. Meet your late afternoon flight to Bs As for your onward arrangements. Overnight stay in Buenos Airs recommended.
Day 9
(Optional, Recommended) You will have seen lots of ponchos, weavings, leatherwork, riding kit in Patagonia which will have caught your eye – thus planning in a day to rest in Bs As and combine with a guided visit to one or two places to make purchases, eat out at a great restaurant, all of which is probably what you will feel like doing. In combination with our hotel we can ensure you have a good day and evening tailored to your interests.
(Optional) Departure for your international flight.