Spirit of Chinggis Khan

June, July, August, September
Khenti Region of Eastern Mongolia
10 days
Intermediate riding skills
Minimum of 4, maximum of 8 people
Contact us for details

(2 nights guesthouse, 2 nights refugio, 5 nights camping with tents provided, guide throughout, 2 horse guides, sat phone)

This will be a fast ride through great country. The Khan Khentii is a protected area and has plenty of wildlife, good going for the horses and has a kind of magical oriental feeling to the land. Hard to explain, but the combination of granite tors, soft soil types, rolling hills and beautiful grasslands give this region a unique aura. The Great Khan is buried somewhere in these hills. Popular with the nomads, there are horses grazing in most valleys. The forests are plentiful, but you can ride through them. It is easy to spot wolf tracks on the ground and hear them at night if we are lucky. They are the main predator on the ground whilst it is the Golden eagles, the nobles of the skies, they govern proceedings from above.

The route of the ride takes you to Khagiin Khar Lake and north to some natural hot springs. On the way you will visit nomadic families, and there will be opportunity for exploratory walks and possibly some fishing at the lake. You will average about 5-6 hours riding per day, and each night will pitch camp at our preferred spots in the spectacular landscape. Evenings will be spent around camp fires and meals will be hearty rustic fare. Return to UB to spend time in the capital before you leave, enjoying the live Buddhist temple, museum or market and a good restaurant or two.

Day 01
Arrive Ulaanbaatar
Day 02
Terelj; Khan Khentii. Meet the horses at refugio.
Day 03
Start Riding! Canter off into the wilderness!
Day 04
Riding, open fires and camping
Day 05
Riding, open fires and camping
Day 06
Riding, arrive at and summit Altan Ulgii
Day 07
Riding , open fires and camping
Day 08
Riding arriving back at refugio
Day 09
Drive to Ulaan Bataar
Day 10
International departure